Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rosie the Tarantula

On Saturday we took the girls to the Butterfly Pavilion where Eva held Rosie the tarantula! She was so brave. There were older boys who waited in line and then freaked out when they got up to the chair but not Eva. She sat right down, pulled up her sleeve, stuck out her hand, and was totally engrossed. She also got to touch some sea stars and was surprised that one was soft and fuzzy while the other was hard and bumpy. When it came to the butterfly house she had a hard time remembering not to touch the butterflies, they were just begging to be picked up. She spent a few minutes deep in thought as she gazed at the cocoon wall and then turned to let us know that these cocoons used to be caterpillars like the Hungary Caterpillar that ate through all the junk food (Eric Carlisle’s Very Hungary Caterpillar book) so she totally got it. What a smart girl.

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  1. Hahaha sooo cute! Rosie the tarantula came to visit our classroom and I had to be the example person of how to hold her!! YIKES I was pretty nervous!! Eva is such a brave girl, fearless I tell ya! When we went there on our field trip my kids were so captivated when a giant blue butterfly kept attacking me. I held really still and it landed and landed on me. The people there said that means I am super lucky because the butterfly was giving me kisses. :)