Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grandpa's Visit

We brought Mia home from the hospital on Friday and picked grandpa up from the airport the next day. It was so nice having him here! He did lots of dishes (thank you thank you) and helped us repair a wobbly stair railing. Mostly he could be found cuddling with his grandbaby . . . and can you blame him, she is heart-melting. Here are some pics we took during our visit.

I love Mia's little pirate eye. She definitely hasn't been as alert as Eva was. She is a chain napper and barely wakes up to eat. When she does give us a peek it is usually a squinty pirate eye followed by lots of unhappy faces about the light and eventually she'll look around at us.

On Monday we took Eva to Chuck E Cheese because she was being such a great big sister and she kept coming back to drive this bus. I sat at a table with Mia and ate all of Eva's cotton candy. Oops.

Here is a picture of our little family. Isn't Eva a character! We went up to Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs for Mia's first outing just like we did with grandpa when Eva was born. It was a fun tradition to keep. We had a great first week and now it's back to life and laundry.

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  1. Shanna you look amazing! Can't wait to meet her! XXOO Auntie Shell