Friday, March 26, 2010

My kid is a loud racist in public places!

So today Eva exercised her freedom of completely politically incorrect speech. We were at the toy store picking out a blue horse. She's been earning good behavior coupons for helping me around the house and had collected enough for a trip to the toy store. I had this lovely picture in my mind about how I would have her "pay" for her horse with her good behavior coupons and have the check out person play along. Eva would learn valuable lessons about paying for and earning the things that we want. It was going to be such a wonderful parenting exercise wrapped in sunshine and happiness.

Well, we found a lovely blue Cinderella horse and proceeded to the checkout lane with coupons in hand. The girl in our checkout lane was a young blonde girl and before we got to the front, a dark skinned hispanic woman walked up and told her it was time for her break. I didn't think anything of it but Eva apparently was unhappy with the switch because when it was our turn, she looked at me and very loudly exclaimed, "Mom, I don't want the brown lady, I want the white lady!" Wow. I could feel the four sets of disapproving eyes belonging to the mommies in line behind me boring holes into my back. I wanted to crawl under my cart and wheel away.

Now in Eva's defense, she really isn't racist. Her absolute favorite cartoon right now is Dora and Diego - clearly hispanic. We have black friends at church that Eva plays with and she's never said anything about not liking them because of their skin. She has even gone so far as to tell me how pretty she thinks princess Tiana's dark skin is. So I think her comment had more to do with not wanting a changing of the guard. The blonde girl was the person Eva had walked up to and she didn't want her to leave before we could check out.

In any case, the hispanic woman was gracious about the whole thing. Probably because in the very next breathe, Eva turned to her and said with a sweet smile, "these are my good behavior bucks and I'd like to buy this horse please." She took the fake money and pretended to put it in her drawer as she swiped my card and then gave Eva the receipt. I was still bright red and in shock as I mumbled an appology for what Eva had got out of there as fast as I could. Goodness gracious. I just can't wait to see what offensive thing will she say in public next.

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